Katy Perry’s Witty Response to FKA Twigs’ Advice at Vogue Show

Katy Perry brought her signature humor while getting ready to take the stage at Vogue magazine’s third annual Vogue World: Paris event.

A Star-Studded Celebration of Fashion

The event attracted over 500 international celebrities to the legendary Place Vendôme to commemorate a century of French style. The star-studded lineup included singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter and singer-songwriter Ciara, both making a stylish appearance on the catwalk.

FKA Twigs’ Unique Backstage Advice

In a behind-the-scenes moment, FKA Twigs offered Katy Perry some unique advice. She advised Perry to embody the “C-word,” a term frequently used in LGBTQ+ communities to describe qualities like confidence, sass, and fierceness. Christian Ilbury, writing for The Conversation, explains that this term reflects a blend of bold characteristics.

Katy Perry’s Humorous Response

FKA Twigs elaborated in a video shared on Perry’s Instagram, advising, “Just make sure it’s not dead behind the eyes. Make sure you look like you’re going somewhere, but not in a pop star way.” Perry, known for her quick wit, responded with a seven-word retort that perfectly captured her humorous spirit.

Embracing Confidence on the Catwalk

As Perry prepared to hit the runway, her interaction with FKA Twigs highlighted the importance of confidence and presence in the world of fashion. The playful exchange between the two stars underscored the significance of maintaining authenticity and charisma on the runway.

The Impact of Celebrity Influences on Fashion

The advice and humor shared between Perry and FKA Twigs shed light on the broader influence of celebrities on fashion trends. Their exchange demonstrated how personal style and personality play crucial roles in the fashion industry, influencing not just appearances but also the attitudes and confidence of those who grace the catwalk.

Celebrating 100 Years of Style

Vogue World: Paris was not just a showcase of glamorous outfits but a celebration of 100 years of fashion evolution in France. The presence of international stars and the incorporation of unique advice and humor added a vibrant touch to the event, making it a memorable celebration of style and culture.

Katy Perry’s witty response to FKA Twigs’ backstage advice at the Vogue World: Paris event highlighted the blend of humor, confidence, and authenticity that defines modern fashion. Their interaction not only entertained but also emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself while embracing the ever-evolving world of fashion.

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