Shavers overcomes controversy to mantain slim lead in WA legislative race

Update:Clyde Shavers trails Greg Gilday by only 74 votes as of Monday night. Shavers currently has 31,633 votes (49.99%), compared to Gilday’s 31,559 votes (54.98%).

Clyde Shavers is a Democrat running to represent Washington’s 10th congressional district. He has overcome a lot of controversy and now leads Greg Gilday, the Republican incumbent.

Shavers currently has 31633 votes (49.59% of the vote), while Gilday has 31559 votes (44.98%), as of Monday night.

Prior to the midterm elections, Shavers’ campaign focuses on public safety, freedom of choice and veterans.

After it was discovered that Shavers’ military career included misinformation and falsified claims about his previous occupation as an attorney, Shavers’ campaign was halted. The father of Shavers, a former author and law enforcement officer, published a three-page letter last Wednesday claiming that his son had been lying when he claimed that he was a nuclear submarine officer.

Republicans called on Democrats to end their support of Shavers with just days until election night

After graduating from the U.S. Military Academy, I was commissioned as a nuclear submarine officer. Naval Academy was in 2013. Shavers responded to the allegations by writing that he graduated from Nuclear Power School in 2014. After facing many challenges, I realized that I wasn’t the right fit for the community at the end of the program. I was assigned a submarine and discussed the possibility with my supervisor of transferring to another naval community. I was a public affairs officer for six more years.

Shavers was described as having been a “nuclear submarine officer and public affairs officer with tours to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.” His website and campaign mailers included this description.

Despite all the controversy, Shavers took an early lead during the midterm elections.

To be clear, this letter is about politics. Shavers wrote that although he hasn’t spoken with my father in a while, he was at Capital on Jan. 6. “This kind of politics is tearing apart families, communities, and my campaign aims to heal and move forward.

Gilday, a first term representative, is running for reelection on the promise to make Washington more affordable after 2022’s inflation spike.

“Despite the devastating effects of the pandemic upon individuals and families, our state tax collections are resilient.” Gilday stated that the state economy gave the Legislature a huge, $15 billion surplus budget in the 2022 legislative sessions. “Unfortunately, the majority party has blocked any attempts to provide tax relief in the 2022 operating budget supplemental. I will continue to advocate tax relief for small- and medium-sized business owners in Washington who are struggling.

Shavers defeated Gilday 51.9% – a difference of 2,000 votes — in the primaries. Gilday defeated Angie Homola, a Democratic candidate in 2020’s midterms by 891 votes.


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