Rantz: WA DOH censored critics of ‘transmasculine people with a cervix’ ad

Eager to show they’re evolved on gender identity but painfully ignorant of biology, the Washington State Department of Health (DOH) is alerting “Transmasculine persons with a cervix” that it’s Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Though they desperately crave some credit for inclusion, the department is using Washingtonians to earn social currency, hoping to add to the department’s progressive bona fides.

By “transmasculine persons with a cervix,” the WA DOH means “biological women,” but it’s possible the social media manager gets paid by the word. Transmasculine is a term used to describe biological women who are masculine. Not everyone who says they’re transmasculine identifies as a woman.

Some Twitter users criticized WA DOH and pointed out that only women have a cervix. But rather than engage, offering up any kind of explanation as to why they’re using the language they use, the WA DOH de facto censored critics by hiding their responses on the Twitter thread. That is, until the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH inquired.

WA DOH censorship

WA DOH’s social media handler hid over 40 responses critical of the ad campaign. If the department truly thought the criticisms were dangerous or disrespectful, they weren’t so bad as to justify working over a long weekend.

The only comments that were hidden, as of January 17, were sent on January 13, the day the department tweeted the ad campaign. It was right before the long weekend. But after I inquired about the decision to hide content that merely disagrees with the ad, the WA DOH unhid the comments. While they clearly saw my requests for comment, WA DOH did not respond with a statement.

Some responses are undoubtedly vulgar. But many are simply pointing out that women exist, an ironic statement to make to a Democrat-run department filled with partisans who previously fought for women’s rights. 

“The word you’re looking for is woman. This isn’t hard. So embarrassing,” one user tweeted. Another chimed in, “You mean WOMEN? What a joke you are!” One other demanded, “Stop making up ridiculous ways of saying woman.”

When a user hides a comment on Twitter, it is not automatically shown to the public. Instead, you have to click on the specific tweet, then look for an icon indicating replies have been hidden. 

“Comments with offensive content were hidden by staff over the weekend. Upon second review and evaluation, several comments which were originally hidden were unhidden, while comments which violated our policy have remained hidden,” a WA DOH spokesperson told the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH. 

Human props

To the identity-obsessed WA DOH, any minority group is merely a prop to highlight the department’s wokeness. It’s why it’s incredibly offensive. 

“Transmasculine persons with a cervix” represent a fraction of a fraction of the global population, let alone the Washington population. There are way more transgender men with a cervix who would be served by this message than transmasculine persons with a cervix. So why did they create this messaging? Because they wanted credit.

If they truly cared about representation, they’d use the photos of the transmasculine persons with a cervix (which they pulled from the Gender Spectrum by Vice News) without drawing attention to the fact that they did. The message could have been solely about the importance of getting a cervical screening. Viewers of the tweet will know if they have a cervix — including transmasculine persons. But would WA DOH earn social currency with Woke Twitter, which looks for this kind of material so they can identify public health allies? Of course not.

Raising awareness about the importance of cervical screenings is important. But an awareness campaign that they know will illicit mockery doesn’t help the cause. It does, however, make WA DOH staff seem like victims who fight for the transmasculine persons with cervix community. And that’s worth much more than health to this department.


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