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Rantz: Anti-gun Seattle Rep. Pramila Jayapal is broken

There’s something seriously wrong with Seattle Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal.

The grandmother to the Squad, Jayapal has always occupied space in the fringes of the Democrat party. She’s got no meaningful legislative accomplishments despite representing a major city, because she’s an unserious politician. She lazily spouts progressive talking points because taking symbolic stances is easier than doing hard work. But one recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter) is so over-the-top that it seems important to question what Jayapal is trying to do.

“Reminder: It shouldn’t be easier to buy an assault weapon than tickets to Barbie, Oppenheimer or the Eras Tour Concert Film,” Jayapal (or some 23-year-old staff member she mistreats) posted.

What in the world is wrong with her?


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There’s something wrong with Jayapal

While guns are a frequent target of Jayapal, her latest post is downright irresponsible.

It’s never been more difficult to purchase so-called “assault weapons,” a catch-all term the Radical Left uses when they see scary-looking firearms. In Washington state, which Jayapal pretends to represent in Congress, “assault weapons” are banned. And there’s not a single location in the country where it’s easier to buy any firearm than get tickets to movies Jayapal hasn’t seen and a musician she’s only casually familiar with. She likely yelled at the young staff she notoriously mistreats for some pop-culture references to shoehorn into the ignorant post because she thinks it’ll appeal to Gen Z. It’s tailor-made for the most ignorant voters who take pride in being as empty a vessel as the congresswoman.

You can be in favor of severe gun restrictions while also rejecting her flat-out-stupid claim. How shameless can she get?

What’s the value in so transparently and foolishly lying about access to firearms? Of course, for anyone concerned with gun violence (like her constituents who deal with her soft-on-crime policies that embolden criminals to keep offending), if they believe her, they’ll be frightened. And that’s precisely what she wants.

Bad faith attempt to ban guns

Jayapal and the rest of the Radical Left want to ban guns.

It’s an easy position for them since they are afforded more protection than the communities their policies leave unsafe. Jayapal used taxpayer dollars for private protection, then raided her campaign finances for top-of-the-line home security.  A proponent of cashless bail, she could easily become the target of a prolific offender she fights to keep out of jail. She’ll do what she can to keep herself and her family safe. If only she afforded the same level of care to her constituents.

Instead, Jayapal aims to keep guns away from law-abiding citizens who pose no threat. She does absolutely nothing to keep firearms from the gang members she champions with her favored criminal justice reforms. That her policies make us unsafe is precisely why people rightly turn to firearms for personal protection. But she apparently can’t connect the dots (or at least, she refuses to).

Her argument epitomizes why she’s such an ineffective lawmaker: It’s offered in bad faith. It’s how she offers most of her political arguments.

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