Driving home from Thanksgiving with snow in the Cascades

  • After the long holiday weekend in Pullman, many motorists will return home tomorrow. Although the weather was calm heading out of town, it will be quite different when you return home tomorrow, especially for those who drive on Cascade highways.

    Tonight through Sunday, a strong Pacific frontal system is expected to be moving southeast from the Gulf of Alaska. It will bring rain to the lowlands of Washington and heavy snow to the Cascades.

    Lowland snow expected to arrive in Seattle early next week

    The snow will fall to 1500 feet overnight and Sunday, but it will begin as rain. The snow accumulations in the passes could reach a foot to a foot and half by Sunday midday.

    Crews from Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), will be available to deal with the snowstorm. Traffic delays are likely due to the anticipated increased traffic volumes and the rate of falling snow.

    WSDOT reminds motorists to bring chains for crossing the Cascades passes. They can also be used if necessary.

    If you are returning from eastern Washington, Interstate 84 through Columbia Gorge is a viable alternative to driving on any Cascade pass highway. Rain is expected to pass through the gorge, and although the route is more difficult in terms of distance, it will not cause any snow-related delays in the passes.

    This incoming system of weather will bring rain to western Washington tonight through Sunday. Then, the precipitation will turn into showers, with some clearing periods during the afternoon. The highs will reach the 40s.

    This weather system will bring the coldest air mass this season, with snow levels below 1000 feet for the remainder of the week. High temperatures won’t reach 40 degrees, while lows will drop to the 20s and mid-30s.

    The question is, with this colder air, will there be moisture? The next cool Pacific system will arrive Tuesday night into Wednesday and bring that moisture along with a strong threat of lowland-snow. Snow levels hover around 300 to 500 feet.

    As the event draws near, we will provide more details.


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