Dori: 9-year-old resolved to protect mom after Tacoma carjacking

Emily and Nicolas, her 9-year old son, spent some time scraping the windshield of their car as it was covered in heavy morning frost earlier this month.

In the seconds that separated them from their school and work, a man pulled his way into their car and parked in a designated spot. He then slammed the gas pedal.

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Emily shared her story at Wednesday’s DoriMonson Show. She was so surprised that she grabbed onto her vehicle’s window frame and came face-to-face with the carjacker before he accelerated, pulling her into the street as the back tire hit her body.

Emily said to Dori that she was screaming the whole time. She thought she was done, but the carjacker came back to attack her again just as she was about to give up. I can remember screaming for Nicolas to let me go, fearing that Nicolas would try to help.

Terror gripped her thoughts for the few seconds it took the carjacker’s escape.

She recalls thinking, “Are they going kill me or take my child?”

What was Nicolas thinking? Dori asked.

It was scary. I’m just nine years old. Dori was told by the boy that he was too young. “I just wanted my mom to be happy. Although I was scared, I just wanted to help my mom.

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Emily was shocked to discover that the carjacker not only had her car keys but also the keys to her apartment, which were linked to her parking spot. She could be robbed again.

Emily spent the night following the carjacking crying and leaning against her front doors, “with a knife in hand, my eyes tearing up.” How can I tell if the carjacker won’t return? He clearly doesn’t have a problem with violence. He clearly doesn’t mind children being there.”

And Nicolas? He assured Dori that he would continue to protect his mom.

If you could speak now, what would you tell the carjackers? Dori asked.

The boy stated, “No matter where or when you are, we will find you,”

Hear Tacoma mother and her 9-year old son talk about their shock at being carjacked.



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