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Workers at Apple iPhone factory in China beaten in COVID protest

According to witnesses and social media videos, employees at the largest Apple iPhone factory in the world were detained and beaten in protests over their pay and anti-virus controls. This comes amid tensions surrounding Chinese efforts to counter a new rise in infections.

According to videos, they were shot at Zhengzhou’s factory. They showed thousands of people wearing masks and facing rows of police officers in protective suits that included plastic riot shields. After he grabbed a strike-useful metal pole, police kicked and struck him with clubs.

Protests have erupted in protest at the restrictions placed on areas of China that have shut down shops and offices, and kept millions of people from their homes. Social media videos show residents toppling barricades that were put up to enforce closures in their neighborhoods.

The Communist Party, the ruling party, promised to reduce disruptions this month by reducing quarantines and making other modifications. The party insists on a “zero COVID” strategy, which aims to isolate all cases while other governments allow control to be relaxed and live with the virus.

Last month, thousands of workers walked out from the Foxconn Technology Group’s iPhone factory in Taiwan over concerns about unsafe working conditions after virus cases.

According to Li Sanshan (an employee), a protest broke out Tuesday because Foxconn had changed the conditions of new workers attracted by higher salaries.

“Made fools”

Li claimed that he quit his job as a caterer after being promised 25,000 Yuan ($3,500) for two consecutive months. Li, 28 years old, said that workers were upset after being told they would have to work for 25,000 yuan for two more months.

Li stated that Foxconn had made very attractive recruiting offers and workers came from all over the country to take advantage of them.

Foxconn is headquartered in New Taipei City in Taiwan.

Foxconn refuted comments made online by Foxconn that said employees infected with the virus were living in Zhengzhou factory dormitories. The company claimed that the facilities had been disinfected and had passed all government inspections before employees could move in.

The company statement stated that “Regarding violence, the company would continue to communicate and work with the government to prevent similar incidents happening again.”

As the severity and number of outbreaks in China has increased, protests have erupted. Authorities in Beijing, the capital, have had to close down neighborhoods and impose restrictions that residents claim go beyond what is allowed by the government.

The government reported Tuesday that more than 253,000 cases were found over the last three weeks. This is despite the fact that the daily average is rising, which was beyond the reach of the authorities. Authorities in China reported this week the first COVID-19 death in China within six months.

The government reported that 2883 cases were found in the last 24 hours. This includes 26242 cases with no symptoms. 851 cases were reported in Henan, Zhengzhou’s capital province.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for the National Health Commission said that the government would enforce its anti-COVID policies while “resolutely overcoming the mindset of paralysis or laxity.”

Ohina building temp hospital

Guangzhou’s city government, which was the epicenter of the most severe outbreaks, has announced that it has opened 19 temporary hospitals, with almost 70,000 beds, for coronavirus victims. Last week, the city announced plans to build hospitals and quarantine facilities for 250,000 residents.

On Wednesday, Beijing also opened an emergency room in an exhibition center. Access to Beijing International Studies University was also suspended following the discovery of a virus case. The capital had previously closed several shopping malls and offices buildings, and restricted access to certain apartment compounds.

Foxconn stated earlier that its Zhengzhou plant uses closed-loop management. This means that employees are able to live at work without any outside contact.


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According to Li, the protest continued through Wednesday morning when thousands of workers confronted factory security personnel outside their dormitories.

Another video showed protestors spraying fire extinguishers at police.

In a Sina Weibo video, a man identified himself as the Communist Party secretary responsible for community services. He was urging protesters not to return. He promised them that he would meet their demands.

Apple warned that deliveries of the new iPhone 14 model will be delayed by factory anti-disease controls. Foxconn claims that the factory employs around 200,000 people. The city government has halted access to an industrial area surrounding it.

“The zero COVID China shut downs in Foxconn have been an Apple gut punch this quarter and we believe that have taken approximately 5% of iPhone 14 units from the supply chain and thus put Cupertino into a’major shortage’ heading into the next month,” Dan Ives, Wedbush analyst, said in a Tuesday report.

According to news reports, the ruling party ordered that “grassroots personnel” replace Foxconn workers in Zhengzhou who had left. The company did not respond to inquiries for clarification and details regarding this arrangement.


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