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Rep. George Santos claims financial firm made millions but headquarters is a Florida mailbox store

The financial management firm that Rep. George Santos claims funded his campaign and manages tens of millions in assets is headquartered in a Florida mailbox store.

The Devolder Organization, which the GOP congressman now says is the source of his newfound wealth and campaign spending, lists its address as a Fast Mail N More shop in Melbourne, Fla.

It’s located in a humble strip mall, next to a Dollar Tree discount store and a Chinese takeout joint.

Santos originally claimed on campaign finance disclosure forms that he loaned his own campaign $700,000, using money he says was paid by Devolder.

Now in an amended form filed this week the newly minted lawmaker suggests the loan came from some other undisclosed source, not his personal funds.

Fast Mail N More shop in Melbourne, Florida.

The campaign finance snafu is considered one of the most likely of Santos’s myriad issues to result in criminal or ethics charges that could eventually force him from office.

Up until 2020, he claimed to be making just $55,000 as a call center employee and lives with his sister in her Long Island home.

But in recent filings for his 2022 race, he reported a vastly different story, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in payments from the Devolder Organization, which is named after his own middle name.

It’s unclear how or if the privately held company makes money and Santos has made only opaque and vague claims about its supposedly lucrative deal-making business.

He also raked in big donations from the real estate mogul cousin of a Russian oligarch who was accused of being a go-between in the Stormy Daniels hush money scandal.

Santos, 34, flipped a Democratic-leaning Long Island congressional seat in one of the bigger upsets of the midterm elections.

Before he was even sworn in, the self-styled conservative gay immigrant was accused of lying about virtually every aspect of his background.

He admitted some of the fibs but denied others, like an open criminal probe in Brazil for passing bad checks and the claim that he scammed a homeless New Jersey veteran out of $3,000 in donations for his dying dog.

Santos has already lost the support of most New York Republicans, including the entire Nassau County GOP committee.

But he still has the backing of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy who only holds a narrow edge and needs every vote he can get.


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