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Baby born at Atlanta McDonald’s, nicknamed ‘Little Nugget’

  • They’re lovin’ it.

    After their baby girl was born at McDonald’s, an Atlanta couple will never again look at fast food in the same way.

    Alandria Worthy moved to Georgia with her fiance last weekend. They stopped at the restaurant for a restroom break while on their way to the hospital. WXIA TV reported.

    Worthy stated that she had read that you should not go to the hospital if you feel [contractions]”. “I didn’t want to spend hours pushing in the hospital.”

    Alandria Worthy, her fiance Deandre Phillips and “Little Nugget” (Deandre Phillips)

    She said that Worthy’s water broke when she entered McDonald’s bathroom Wednesday morning. Her screams alerted Tunisia Woodward who was the general manager of the store.

    Woodward initially thought it was a joke when he opened the stall door to find her on the toilet, “he said. “Then, I realized to tell my crew; today we’re having our baby.”

    Worthy was eventually assisted by Deandre Phillips her fiance and Woodward, her colleagues and emergency dispatch which provided instructions over the telephone.

    Nandi Ariyah Mehrmi Phillipps, a newborn, was christened “Little Nugget” after the McDonald’s employees who helped her enter the world. WXIA reported that they were given $250 gift cards by the owner of the restaurant in return for their help.

    Phillips shared with WXIA his desire to go back to McDonald’s with Worthy to “thank them” for their delicious Nugget.


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