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35 years ago, Fred Harris and his son were found dead and bound in their Connecticut home. A man has just been convicted.

Threety-five year after a Connecticut man and his son were found with their throats cut in their home, a long-time suspect was convicted Tuesday. Prosecutors said. New Haven prosecutors announced that Willie McFarland has been found guilty of the murders of Fred and Greg Harris.

McFarland’s lawyers were notified. McFarland, 55, will be sentenced Jan. 31.

Fred Harris (59) and Greg Harris (23), were found dead and bound in their Hamden bedroom on August 27, 1987.

Greg Harris tried to escape but McFarland captured him and tied him up once more. The New York Times reported citing the police statement.

Capt. Capt.

He told The Times that any murder is horrible, but that this was outrageous.

McFarland was quickly made a suspect, and he was interrogated shortly after the murders. Despite not having any physical evidence linking McFarland to the crime for many years, authorities continued to search, and conducted DNA testing in 2006.

In 2018, authorities conducted a second round of DNA testing on the glove that was found at the scene. It was found that McFarland was among the four contributing factors.

In 2019, he was arrested.

“Today’s jury verdict was the result of a 35 year quest by dedicated investigators, prosecutors, and the determination of holding perpetrators of horrific crimes accountable, said State’s Attorney John Doyle Jr. in a release.




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