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2 sue women George Foreman, alleging former boxer sexually abused them as young teenagers

Two women who claim George Foreman, a former boxer, sexually abused them as children have spoken out publicly Tuesday.

Gwen Hunter, Denise Shipes and Denise Shipes are suing Foreman. They claim he groomed them as young girls as nine years old, and forced them to have sex as teenagers.

Hunter claims that she was just 14 years old when former heavyweight boxing champion began having sex.

Hunter stated that Forman had repeatedly abused her until she was 16 years old. This Hunter spoke at a news conference hosted by Samuel Dordulian, Hunter’s attorney. “He asked me to take off my clothes and said that if I didn’t, my father would fire me.”

Hunter’s father was a Foreman manager during the 1970s, when Hunter and Foreman were accused of child sexual abuse. Shipes’ father was Foreman’s trainer during this time.

Shipes stated that “he laid on top” of her and had sex with her, revealing to reporters that she was only 15 years old at the time.

Both women claim Foreman instructed them to not tell anyone about their relationships.

Foreman is well-known outside of boxing as the George Foreman Grill’s creator. He made a written statement accusing the women of extortion.

“For the past six months, two women tried to extort million dollars from me and my family. They falsely claim that I sexually assaulted them more than 45 years ago, in the 1970s. These allegations are utterly false and I deny them. My reputation is as important to me as my sporting achievements. I won’t be intimidated or lied to by baseless threats. My faith and trust in God guide me, and will continue to be. I will cooperate with my lawyers to expose the scheme of my accusers and defend myself in court. I don’t pick fights but I also don’t run from them.”

Dordulian claims that Foreman’s group suggested mediation between Hunter and Shipes, the 73-year old.

He said, “They invited us meet with them, and to negotiate with them.” “This entire claim of extortion was completely false. He is trying to take away the story from these brave women.

Shawn Holley, Foreman’s attorney, was hired to represent him. She also held a press conference Tuesday and called the women’s claims ‘nonsensical’. She claims she encouraged Foreman, to seek mediation with the women in order to avoid the spotlight. However, he refused to negotiate.

Holley stated that it was a waste of time as he was unwilling to pay them any money. Holley said, “And I will say that he was mad at me for suggesting it.”

Holley claims that the women demanded $25 million from Holley, but Dordulian calls this an unfair description of the negotiations. It is not unusual to initiate mediation at a high level and settle for a lower amount of damages. Dordulian believes that a fair settlement would reach closer to $5 million per woman.



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