Southside Steaks & Cakes Reopens, Serving Fair Winner Peanut Butter Paradise

What is Southside steaks and cakes?

SouthSide Steaks and Cakes offers the best cheesesteaks and party wings in Dallas and its black owned business.

Southside steaks and cakes

The State Fair of Texas owners took a break to become cool concessionaires, and the owners of Southside Steaks & Cakes They have reopened their sunny South Dallas location on Al Lipscomb Way.

Nicole Sternes, co-owner, says that customers keep coming back to us telling us how much they miss us.

It wasn’t over. After just their second year as concessionaires Chris Easter and Sternes were Big Tex Choice Award recipients of the coveted best sweetness prize for their creation Peanut butter Paradise. Winners need to have big plans and make tough decisions when they win a major win like this.

Southside Steaks and Cakes First Year Shut Down


“The first year that we shut down, we wanted our employees to go to the fair. We didn’t have enough staff to do this. This year it was the exact same problem. “We needed more staff because we were award winners,” Sternes says.

It was now in November that it was time for the doors to reopen.

“We have had new customers. They heard about us at the fair,” Sternes said.

Easter says, “It’s been 75% new customers.” We didn’t lose, even though we shut down. We have had mostly new customers since we opened again this week and are seeing higher sales.

Because their food is so addictive, the couple jokely calls their restaurant “Trap House”. Southside Steaks & Cakes offers a Texas version of the Philly cheesesteak sandwich. The sandwich is topped with jalapenos and bell peppers, onion, banana peppers, onions, and melted cheese. It also comes with fries. You can make it as a wrap, sandwich, or quesadilla.

Cheesesteak trap menu

The “Cheesesteak trap menu” is the cheesesteak menu. Its names are a play on the trap culture colloquialisms. A Nickel Bag is a sandwich that comes with fries and four wings. It also includes a dime bag, which is a small sandwich made with chicken or steak, as well as four wings, each with one of 18 sauce choices. You can also get the Pre-Rolled Blunt which is a cheesesteak wrapped in a wrap.

Some of the Easters’ fair favorites have also been introduced.

“Before, all we had was the J Drink, which is our trademark fruit drink for every customer. We brought back daiquiris this year, which we sold at fairs for our older customers.

Peanut Butter Paradise, an award-winning creation.

Kathy Tran

Don’t worry if you missed out on the Peanut Butter Paradise award at the fair. It’s still available. Now you can relax with a daiquiri or a Dime Bag with wings and a piece of paradise.

“Here you can get an iced honey bun, a fried Reeses, and a fried funnel cake with toppings. Fried everything,” says Sternes.

Owners want their customers to enjoy more than just desserts, so they will soon offer a different specialty sandwich every month. Southside is working on new features like online ordering. They recently stopped taking calls because it was too difficult to manage.

Sternes and Easter inspiration

The menu has been simplified. The menu is also simplified. Sternes and Easter drew inspiration from major restaurants chains like Chick-fil A and Raising Canes, which have a limited menu and heavy traffic. If you don’t find a menu item that you like, don’t fret. You can still order it. This is one of the benefits of being a customer and learning about the food at the fair.

You can skip the long lines at the fair but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to wait. Everything is made-to-order.

Sternes claims that they sell fresh food and not fast food. We look at ways to make it more convenient for our customers. There are games for people like dominos and checkers, as well as cards. People don’t care about the wait as much.


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