Social Oak Wine & Whiskey Lounge Now Open in Trophy Club

Wine and whisky lovers now have a new spot to enjoy their favorite beverages. Social Oak Wine & Whiskey Lounge Trophy Club now has an upscale bar with plenty of drinks and a beautiful decor.

The lounge allows guests to self-serve their drinks. It’s not an open bar that offers a wide range of alcohol, ready to be poured as if it were a party for all. Social Oak has touchscreens that allow guests to select the pour size. You can order an 18-year Dalmore Scotch or Johnnie Walker Black by pressing a button.

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Social Oak’s interior feels more like a dark lounge than a restaurant.

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Vinh Le, the owner, discovered automatic pouring machines while on a trip.

Le says that “I fell in love” with the social aspect, such as talking to people about wines and going up to machines. I also enjoyed being able to sample a small amount before buying a full bottle or glass.

According to the automated machine, it will help preserve bottles for longer periods of time.

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Help yourself by getting up.

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Bianca Nunez, head sommelier, says that the machines keep the wine fresh by keeping oxygen out of bottles. This allows us to offer rare wines such as vintage bottles from high-end vintages by the glass. “Guests can choose from 1-ounce, 3-ounce or 5-ounce pours. This allows them to taste wines before they commit to full glasses.

There are 56 wines and 28 whiskeys available by the glass, while over 200 wines can also be bought by the bottle. Signature cocktails, which combine unique and familiar flavours, are also available on the menu. Lychee Martini is a blend of the lychee fruits, which are native to Southeast Asia. The Southlake Sunrise, named after Trophy Club’s southern neighbor, has lemon and mandarin vodka as well as peach puree. The Classic Old Fashioned can also be smoked at the table for a spectacular show.

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Social Oak offers a variety of shared plates, from charcuterie and steak.

Audra Tackett

The menu also includes shared plates such as Truffle Deviled Eggs and Wild Burgundy Escargot. Inspired by her travels around the world, Chef Nga Vu has created a menu featuring international plates with an Asian flair. Fresh Summer Rolls are made with shrimp, cucumber, cilantro, and rice paper. Macadamia Brussel are brussel sprouts with a ginger-soy glaze and macadamia nuts. Pizza, steak, and pasta are all options for heavier meals.

Social Oak, 2230 Texas Highway 114. 550, Trophy Club. Sunday through Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m., Thursday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 4 p.m. until midnight.


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