Ruthie’s Fueled By Good Gets a Permanent Home

Ruthie’s It has been a Dallas pillar of grilled cheese goodness since more than a decade. It’s now moving into a permanent home.

Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe was one of the original food trucks in Dallas, more than a decade ago. Ruthie’s was founded by Ashlee Hunt Kleinert as an extension to her event-planning company. The sandwiches were delicious: creamy cheese, buttery bread and tasty proteins.

Kleinert and Chad Houser partnered at Café Momentum in 2019, a downtown restaurant that employs at-risk young people. Kleinert changed the name to Ruthie’s Fueled By Good. This restaurant hires Cafe Momentum graduates. Students can continue their education at Ruthie’s and learn more about the operation of small food businesses.

William Edwards, Ruthie’s chief operational officer, said that the staff is still finalizing details for the brick and mortar store. However, he confirmed that it would be located at Martin Luther King Boulevard in a shopping centre between Colonial Avenue & Holmes Street. Edwards stated that this was part of the community expansion and development led by St. Philips School.

He anticipates that the new Ruthie’s will open in the spring, or early summer.

Edwards confirmed that the new location would offer the same sandwiches as the original truck but with some additional offerings that cater to cafe culture or breakfast. You can also continue using the food truck as usual.

There is always more to be done with grilled cheese and good food. This is a great development.


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