At 8, this Cedar Hill student had dreams of growing her local library. Now, those dreams have come true

Saniyah McGrew, 13, said that “Building our Future” is what she was doing.

CEDAR HILL (Texas) — Many people feel blessed this time of the year.

Saniyah McGrew, 13, couldn’t be happier for her giant pile of dirt.

McGrew, referring to the dirt, said “Building our Future, that’s What’s Happening Here.”

McGrew began to think about the future five year ago when Cedar Hill suggested plans for a new library.

It was necessary for voters to approve funding in order to construct it.

McGrew was just 8 years old when she created a video and uploaded it to social media. She urged people to vote “yes”

Aranda Bell, Library director, stated that she didn’t ask her for it. “In fact, she didn’t even know she was doing it,” Aranda Bell, Library director, said.

Bell stated that the current library was no longer needed. McGrew stated that every book McGrew wanted to read was already in her possession.

Making that video was important to her.

McGrew stated, “I want everyone to be able experience how great reading is,”

Bell said, “It really energized our community.”

It was so powerful that it energized the community that the bond was passed.

McGrew was a third-grader and her enthusiasm inspired the mayor of Toronto to appoint McGrew to the library board. McGrew will be able to offer input on the construction.

She did not hold back.

Bell stated, “She certainly shared her voice,” She was not shy. She was not afraid to take a stand. This is why we are where are today.

The library is now under construction and will be open in 2024. It is a two-story building that has one story.

McGrew stated, “No matter your age or gender, your voice always matters.” McGrew said, “You can always make an impact.”

Bell said, “Every dream starts with a dreamer,” and Saniyah was certainly such an influential, energetic, and thought-provoking dreamer.

They will always be able to remember the person who laid the foundation.


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