World Cup 2022: countdown to kick-off continues as Qatar plans beer U-turn – live

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A kind person wrote about ‘Everything You Need to Know’ about Qatar. Bravo!

Sadio mane has been ruled out of the tournament due to an injury sustained while playing for Bayern Munich. Former Liverpool teammate Virgil van Dijk said that it was very disappointing news for Senegal as a whole.

Van Dijk said, “I am very sorry Sadio missed the match against us because the World Cup simply deserve the best players, Sadio being one of them.” “Sadio, he’s my friend and he’s world-class.

Van Dijk is in agreement with Louis van Gaal, his coach, that the Netherlands should compete for the trophy at Qatar.

He told reporters that France, Brazil, Argentina and France were his favourite countries.
“The Brazilians are always there. The Argentines have a strong team and the French have a wide selection. We have a great group, a highly experienced trainer, and above all, we have team spirit.”

Virgil van Dijk (left), and Sadio Mene (right) were together at Liverpool. Photograph by Craig Brough/Reuters

More on the impending beer ban at stadiums There will be an announcement today. It’s a complete nonsense. One imagines that Budweiser and Fifa will have some heated conversations.

Two young, handsome men wrote about the potential breakthrough stars of the tournament. They will all flop, but you can still read it and then enjoy the fun of John and John in a few weeks.

Vinicius Jr. is looking to use football to benefit the greater good. He has been inspired by his fellow players’ efforts to support philanthropic causes, and hopes to be able to do the same.

“I believe that I can do more. Vinicius stated that he has seen the good works of athletes such as Lewis Hamilton and LeBron Jam and he wants to do the same and help others in many ways.
“Education is essential because not all can be a player. While many people try, not all of them succeed. So I do my best to help Brazilians continue to grow and develop as individuals. We can help more people to go to university and more doctors…better professors if they are focused.


We are just two days away from the beginning of the World Cup, the most anticipated in history. We have plenty of football to look forward too… hopefully.

We’ve already discovered that free press is not allowed, and hospitality in Qatar seems expensive and lackingluster. The price of beer is so high that the Qataris want to stop it from being sold in stadiums, and move the vending stations to more prominent locations.

Many countries have made their final preparations in the Middle East, which is a positive sign. Due to heat, Wales has already had to shift their training sessions to later in day. This is not a good sign.

The whole thing kicks off with Ecuador v Qatar on Sunday. I can’t wait. There will be injury news, high jinx and the possibility that it gets too hot to play in Qatar.

We will bring you the latest news from Qatari correspondents and many other things.

It’s not likely that there will be a shortage of activities today.



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