Scotland’s papers: Hopes of teachers pay deal and soft Brexit warning

Caption for the imageAccording to The Scotsman, teachers could be offered a new pay deal that could prevent a nationwide strike on Thursday. According to The Scotsman, the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS), the largest union of teachers in the country, is open to accepting a new offer. This comes after members rejected a 5% increase.

Caption for the imageAccording to the Scottish Daily Express, figures within the UK government want a softer Brexit. Some MPs call this “absurd”. According to the paper, the proposal would require a “Swiss-style agreement” with Brussels that would tie the UK to EU laws.

Caption for the imageThe i continues with the same story. Prime Minister Rishi Unak was told by Tory Eurosceptics that there cannot be a Swiss-style trade relationship with the EU. The government has denied that this model is possible. After Qatar beat Ecuador in the opening match, jubilant Ecuadorian fans were also captured.

Caption for the imageAccording to The Times, a backbencher said that the past few months of Tory leadership turmoil was a “walk-in the park” when compared with rebellions that could emerge if the Brexit agreement were softened. According to the paper, the PM has expressed his desire for a better relationship with the EU and reached a deal on the Northern Ireland protocol in the early part of next year.

Caption for the imageAccording to The Telegraph, leading Brexiteer MPs expressed dismay at the possibility of a soft Brexit. They claimed it would be a “betrayal” of the freedoms they won in the 2016 referendum. According to The Telegraph, at least one MP reached out to Downing Street for reassurances.

Caption for the imageThe Journal and Press lead with a vigil for a grandmother who has been swept away by River Don. According to the paper, Hazel Nairn was walking her dog on Friday before the incident.

Caption for the imageThe Herald conducts an investigation into who owns Scottish towns, revealing that only a third of the properties located on Scotland’s busiest shopping streets belong to companies registered in Scotland. The Herald claims that the majority of city center properties are owned either by overseas companies, tax haven businesses, property investors, pension funds, or foreign firms.

Caption for the imageAccording to the Daily Record, the father of a 13 year old who died from cocaine poisoning at a party has called for new legislation to prevent drug dealers from causing death. Grace Handling’s family stated to the newspaper that they were devastated by Callum Owens’s not-proven verdict. Owens was charged with culpable murder.

Caption for the imageAccording to the Scottish Daily Mail, a rising number of inmates are using their mobile phones issued by government to commit crimes from prison cells. According to the paper, a “open-ended” scheme that was launched during the pandemic in order to give every prisoner a phone after visits had stopped cost PS4m.

Caption for the imageThe Scottish Sun features a Elgin woman who claims that her neighbor’s “dodgy” customized e-bike set off a fire that decimated her home. According to the paper, it is believed that the bike’s owner had modified it with an online conversion kit.

Caption for the imageThe National is leading the charge for SNP members in calling for them to join Scottish independence rallies throughout the country on Wednesday. Toni Giugliano, the party’s policy development coordinator, said that supporters must be bold and visible on Wednesday when the Supreme Court decides whether the Scottish Parliament can hold another independence referendum without Westminster’s approval.

Caption for the imageMetro reports that comedian Joe Lycett burned PS10,000 cash in protest against David Beckham’s role of ambassador for the Qatar World Cup. According to the Metro, the protest caused a stir as Joe Lycett donned ear protection and rainbow tulle while he streamed himself pouring money into a wood chipper.

Caption for the imageAfter it was revealed that a man had admitted to assaulting a child, the Courier reports with assurances from Perth Kinross Council. According to the paper, Paul Martin was sentenced for sex crimes against teenage girls while he was a Perth foster carer in the 1990s. The paper says that social work chiefs accused Martin of trying to pull the wool over the eyes.

Caption for the imageThe Evening Telegraph photographs the wreckage of a car that caught fire in Dundee’s supermarket car park.

Caption for the imageReports the Edinburgh Evening News, Lothian Buses’ managing director has asked customers to show more kindness and consideration to drivers and other employees after an increase in abusive behavior.

Caption for the imageAfter neighbours raised concerns about their welfare, the Evening Express reports that a man was found growing 30 cannabis plants in his bedroom.

Caption for the imageThe Daily Star of Scotland reports that fans of Australia’s national team are being encouraged to support Australia at the World Cup due to Jason Cummings, a Scottish-born player.

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