Russia strikes are crime against humanity, Zelenskiy tells UN, as power cut in Ukraine and Moldova

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New Russian strikes ravaged Ukraine’s electricity grid. This caused blackouts in the country as well as in neighboring Moldova. In an attack that the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zilenskiy said to the UN was “an obvious crime against humanity”.

Zelenskiy addressed an urgent UN security council meeting late Wednesday. He stated that Ukraine would present a resolution condemning all forms of energy terror. He said that Russia’s likely veto was absurd and that it is only the war wager’s party that has the right to veto.

Zelenskiy stated, “We cannot be held hostage to any international terrorist.”

He invited the UN to send specialists to Ukraine to evaluate and examine its critical infrastructure.

Zelenskiy, via video link, stated that “when we have the temperature below freezing, and scores upon millions of people without heat, water, or energy supplies, this is an obvious crime versus humanity.”

After a meeting between EU officials that ended in a stalemate, talks between G7 and pro-Ukraine allies about setting a price cap for Russian oil have apparently hit a stalemate.

As part of the sanctions against Moscow, the price cap for Russian oil seaborne will be imposed. This is to limit Russia’s oil export revenues. According to reports, EU diplomats failed to agree on a price for the cap.

The Ukrainian military claimed Wednesday that Russian forces had fired approximately 70 cruise missiles at targets in the country. They also deployed attack drones.

Officials said that at least seven people were killed and three nuclear power stations were disconnected from the grid.

According to the Energy Ministry of Ukraine, supplies were cut to “the vast bulk” of electricity consumers. Vitali Klitschko (capital’s mayor) stated that all of Kyiv was without water. According to the city administration, water and heating will be restored to residential buildings by Thursday morning.

img alt=”Residential Blocks in Kyiv without power following Russian strikes.” src=””/>
After the Russian strike, power was cut to residential blocks in Kyiv. Photograph: Evgeniy Maloletka/AP

The deputy head of Ukraine’s presidential office stated late Wednesday that Kyiv had been connected to the power grid.

Klitschko stated that 21 of 31 missiles designed to target Kyiv were destroyed before reaching their targets. One of the 10 missiles that managed to evade the defenses struck an apartment block in Vyshgorod (a northern suburb of the capital), killing three people and injuring 15.

The lower ground floor contained a kindergarten. However, it was evacuated when the air raid sirens rang. The blast created a 3-metre crater in front the building, destroyed nearby apartments, and blew the tops off nearby trees, ruining a children’s playground.

“It flew right above us. Ruslan Vorona, an area resident, said that they heard a “whistling sound” and then the object fell on the building. Oleksii, his eight-year old son, was sheltering in a tent that the emergency services had set up.

Oleksandr (28-year-old local man who refused to give his last name) said that there were “a few explosions.” One was louder than the other, while one was quieter. The missile that went directly over my head was one of those.

Rosemary DiCarlo, UN political chief, demanded that Russia stop its attacks on humanitarian law. She stressed, “There must be accountability for any violation of the laws and war laws.”

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, US ambassador to UN Linda Thomas Greenfield stated that Vladimir Putin was “weaponizing winter to inflict severe suffering on the Ukraine people”.

Vassily Nebenzia (Russia’s ambassador to UN), told the security council that Moscow was launching “strikes against infrastructure” in response to Ukraine’s unbridled weapons flow and Kyiv’s reckless appeals to defeat Russia.

Russian strikes in Ukraine resulted in the deaths of at least seven people. Photograph by Oleg Petrasyuk/EPA

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukraine’s foreign minister) said that the Russian strikes are a response to the European Parliament’s decision to recognize Russia as a “state sponsors of terrorism” after its nine-month-long invasion of Ukraine and its request for the 27-nation EU.

Kuleba stated that Russia was unable to win a fair battle with the Ukrainian army and launched a cowardly war against civilians. He urged Kyiv’s western supporters to provide more air defense systems.

The symbolic political decision Wednesday by European legislators to recognize Russia as a “state-sponsored terrorist organization” has no legal consequences.

Kyiv has been calling for the international community to declare Russia “terrorist,” and the EU parliament’s decision will likely anger Moscow.

EU lawmakers approved the resolution stating that the Russian Federation had “deliberately attacked and atrocities against the civilian population in Ukraine…and other serious violations to international human rights and international humanitarian laws amount to acts terror.”

Ukraine was happy with the decision. Zelenskiy called for Russia to be held accountable to stop its long-standing policy of terror in Ukraine and around the world.

Reuters, Agence France-Presse contributed to this report


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