PMQs live: Rishi Sunak faces Keir Starmer after Nicola Sturgeon says mandate for Scottish referendum ‘undeniable’

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Starmer claims that if the Tories had grown an economy as Labour’s, the government would have tens of more tax revenues. He claims that the non-dom tax will raise PS3.6bn. How many nurses would this pay for?

Sunak claims that the government has already started training more nurses. He quotes NHS England’s chief executive as saying this.

Starmer states that a typical household will face a tax hike of PS1,400. Compare that to a super-wealthy nondom who lives here, but has their income abroad. What more can he ask them to pay?

Sunak claims Labour had 13 years to address this problem, but did nothing. The Conservative government was responsible for tightening the rule.

He claims that Labour’s policies would ultimately cost Britain money. These are not his words but those of an ex-shadow chancellor (Ed Balls).

Starmer questions why the UK will be in recession and not the last.

Sunak claims that the OECD report cited in Starmer supports the UK’s fiscal plan. Starmer would know that, he says, if he had consulted the entire document. He is not interested in the substance of the book.

He claims that he has made the economy stronger in just four weeks. Starmer has done what?

Sir Lindsay Hoyle says Sunak appears to be breaking a promise to Hoyle to provide short answers.

KeirStarmer begins by stating that it is inexcusable that gay football fans can’t express their love for the people they care about at the world cup.

He claims that the UK will experience the lowest growth in the OECD for the next two-years. Why?

Sunak states that the UK is currently at the top of the G7 in terms of growth. If Labour wants to grow, it should inform its union friends to start a strike.

Jonathan Gullis (Con), says that people don’t get enough mental health care quickly enough. Will the PM fulfill his chancellor’s promise to put mental health nurses in surgeries?

Sunak states that all 1,250 primary care networks can hire two mental health nurses.

Rishi Sonak begins by wishing England & Wales all the best in the World Cup.

The Telegraph’s Ben Riley Smith has more information from the Sturgeon press conference.

Sturgeon explains what she considers a win in her books. The ‘Majority of Scottish votes’, not a majority of seats.

SNP was unable to achieve this in the 2019 general election (only 45% of votes). This definition could include pro-indy Scottish Greens shares.

— Ben Riley-Smith (@benrileysmith November 23, 2022


Here’s a list of MPs that you can ask a question.

PMQs Photograph: HoC


PMQs are about to begin.

This is the Conservative MSP Stephen Kerr responding Nicola Sturgeon’s press conference. It refers to a portion of the supreme Court judgment this morning. (See 10.28am. )

In response to the Supreme Court, the main line of the SNP seems to be that Scotland has been declared a colony against its will. This is the exact language that the Supreme Court rejected in its ruling!

— Stephen Kerr MSP (@RealStephenKerr) November 23, 2022


Q. Would Green and Alba votes count for independence votes, along with SNP votes?

Sturgeon claims she cannot decide what is put forward by the SNP.

Sturgeon is currently taking questions.

Q: Which election outcome would constitute a mandate for independence? Is the independence campaign finished if you lose?

Sturgeon claims she is only one person. She wouldn’t be able to claim that the independence campaign is over.

She stated that she would like the entire party to participate in the discussion about the campaign.

She says that Scotland can’t become independent without a majority vote.

This is a BBC Philip Sim report on Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement regarding a special SNP Conference. (See 10.50am. )

Nicola Sturgeon knows she’s about to face a lot of questions about how a “de facto referendum” would work; this special conference is an attempt to push those questions down the road a bit, while she also looks to push the question of democratic mandates back on the UK govt

— Philip Sim (@BBCPhilipSim November 23, 2022


Sturgeon: SNP will hold a special conference in the new year to determine how next election can be a de facto independence vote

Sturgeon claims that the judgment undercuts the UK’s claim to be an voluntary partnership of countries.

She claims that the ruling did not close off one route to Scotland deciding independence.

She believes the UK government may still allow a referendum. She says she won’t give in to their demands and expects them not to change their minds.

She said that she would not stop trying to get a vote for independence. There is an opportunity to treat the general election as a referendum on independence.

She claims that no party can tell voters on which basis to vote.

She says that turning the next election into de facto referendums is not possible.

She said that the SNP would have to decide what proposition they will present to voters. It will also have to decide what next would happen if it wins a majority in a general election.

She said she would ask the SNP for a special conference to discuss the party’s position on the matter in the new year.

Sturgeon argues that the ruling means that the Scottish government can’t deliver the referendum the Scottish people want.

This isn’t the result she wanted, she says. It does give clarity. She continues:

This clarity allows us to plan for the future, no matter how imperfect it might seem.

Sturgeon claims she hopes to see some triumphalism among unionists. She says that this would be a mistake.

(In actuality, according to their responses – 10.47am and 11.07am for examples – some unionists do their best not sound triumphalist.

Sturgeon reacts to Supreme Court ruling and declares mandate for referendum ‘undeniable.

Nicola Sturgeon is responding to the ruling of the supreme court.

She claims that the Scottish government is in compliance with the law.

She says that the supreme court doesn’t make the law and that the law is inconsistent with democracy.

She claims that the court didn’t rule on whether there was a democratic mandate to hold a referendum. She claims that the mandate exists and is “undeniable”.

She says that the court didn’t consider whether Scotland should become independent or what other ways independence could be achieved.



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