14 Best Black Friday Deals on Google Devices We Like

Google’s Black Friday deals were announced early but they are still strong. We are seeing significant discounts on Pixel phones, Pixel Buds wireless headphones, and other smart home gadgets that we love, even devices that were launched just a few months ago.

Last updated November 24, 2022. We have added the Nest Mini & Nest Audio.

WIRED’s Black Friday Coverage

These deals were hand-picked by us, who test products all year. We will publish products that have been sold out or are no longer available at the time of publication. Crossed out . This guide will be updated throughout Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

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Deals on Pixel Phones


Pixel 7 (left), and Pixel 7 Pro(right).

Google Photographer

The Pixel 7 ( 8/10, WIRED Recommended) is Google’s latest flagship phone. It’s only been on the market for less than a month but it’s already available for sale. It’s remarkable, considering that the lowest price is what we love about the phone. It’s the best value in Android world at $600 The Pixel 7 is now $100 off The Pixel 7 offers speedy performance, a 90Hz screen, wireless charging and a daylong battery life. There are also many helpful smart features that you will use every day (which you can learn more about ).

The Pixel 7 Pro ( 8, 10 Wired Recommends) is also available. It has a 120Hz screen refresh rate and a 5X optical zoom camera. There’s also a Macro mode to take close-up shots. This is without mentioning the larger 6.7 inch screen which is better for those who want more screen real estate. The Pixels come with five years worth of security updates. This is better than what Samsung offers, but the three-year policy for OS updates isn’t quite as comprehensive as that offered by Samsung.

The Pixel 6A ( 8/10, Wired Recommends) is our favorite smartphone. The Pixel 6A is a budget-friendly handset that still produces great photos. It has a bright AMOLED screen, fast performance, and five years worth of security updates. You also get many of the smart features Pixels are famous for. It does not have wireless charging, nor a faster screen refresh rate, but it is a great deal for the price.

Deals on Pixel Accessories


Google Pixel Buds Pro

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The Pixel Buds A-Series ( 8, WIRED Recommends ) perform as well as Apple’s regular AirPods, if not better. They’re also much cheaper than Apple’s AirPods, especially right now. They’re more compatible with Android phones as they can pair instantly and provide easy access to Google Assistant (though some restrictions may apply). The buds offer crystal clear sound and sweat resistance. You can also control music using touch-sensitive buttons. Although the five-hour battery lasts only for 5 hours, it is still manageable at this price. They can only be charged via USB-C.

The Pixel Buds Pro ( 9/10, WIRED Recommended) are more comfortable and wireless earbuds that you can wear. They also have a better sound, especially bass, and come in a case that supports wireless charging. The battery life is seven hours, and the active noise cancellation does a good job of keeping the outside world out. You can also use the transparent mode to allow ambient sounds in, so you are more aware of what’s around you.


Pixel Watch

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Google’s first ever Pixel Watch is missing some key features, such as SpO 2 sensing and auto workout detection. But it’s an beautiful smartwatch that’s really comfortable and accurate at tracking your health and fitness basics, including heart rate tracking and electrocardiograms. The responsive interface allows you to keep track of notifications, respond to messages and even make phone calls. It has a poor battery life and charges slowly so that it will always be top of mind. This only works on Android phones.

Got a Pixel phone? This wireless charger is designed to quickly charge Pixel phones without the need to connect a cable. Although it’s expensive, there are other cool features. It can turn on the Do Not Disturb or Bedtime mode on Pixel phones. This will silence all notifications. Your screen can be made into a digital photo frame, or smart-home controls. It will mimic sunlight and gently wake you up when it rises.

Smart Home Deals


Google Nest Indoor and Outdoor Camera

Photograph by Target

The Nest Cam (Battery), is one of our top choices for outdoor surveillance cameras, especially if you are looking to use the Google Assistant ecosystem. The battery lasts for a good month with a magnetic mounting plate. Even in low light, the 1080p quality is excellent. A Nest Aware subscription isn’t required, but it adds a few helpful features. The floodlight version is $190 (90%). The corded Nest Cam (for indoors), is $70 (30%).

The Nest Thermostat, the latest generation, can control central air and heating. It also learns your habits over time and adjusts temperature accordingly. It can reduce energy consumption by turning off your heating and central air systems when you aren’t home. Then, it will return your house to a comfortable temperature upon your return.


Google Chromecast with Google TV 4K

Google Photographer

Chromecast with Google TV ( 8/10, WIRED Recommended) brought Chromecast into line with other streaming devices that come equipped both with a remote and a TV interface. The Chromecast With Google TV is one of the most user-friendly streaming sticks (well, dongle really). You can add TV shows or movies to your watchlist from Google search results, and they will appear in the Chromecast’s interface. The new HD version of Google Chromecast, which is suitable for TVs with 1080p resolutions, is on sale for $20 (or $10 off).

The Nest Hub ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ) is a wonderful centerpiece for a smart house. It can display reminders and calendar events, show video from smart doorsbells and control other smart devices. All of this can be done by simply tapping the screen, or asking Google Assistant for help. You can also ask the assistant random questions, such as how much whiskey to use in a whiskey sour. It doesn’t have a camera so it is great for bedrooms and other private spaces.

The Nest Hub Max ( 8, WIRED Recommends ) comes with a camera that you can use to make video calls via Google Meet and Zoom. This screen is ideal for use in the kitchen where you can follow along with recipes.


Google Nest Mini (2nd Generation)

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Smart speakers continue to drop in price to the bargain bin during holidays. Google’s second-gen Nest Mini ( 7/10, WIRED Recommends ) is one of many ways to get started in a smart home. It can be used to control smart gadgets such as your lights, timers and music. You can get them for half the price right now. It’s almost tempting to buy a few for every room in your home.

While the cheapest smart speakers can be used for voice commands, you will need to enjoy music with the Nest Google Audio speaker ( 8/10, WIRED Recommends). This speaker has better sound quality than the Nest Mini and is not significantly more expensive than one.

Black Friday Sales

You can browse the sales by yourself. These are the top Black Friday deals from some of the most renowned retailers.


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