World Cup pitch invader visited in holding cell by FIFA president

Link” href=”″>World Cup pitch invader Mario Ferri has revealed he was visited by He attracted a lot of attention, before he was taken away by officials. Ferri waited anxiously to find out his punishment. He has since told Spanish radio station OndaCero, however, that Infantino intervened in order to avoid legal sanctions.

Ferri stated, “I’m free.” It was a hard night. I was not in jail. To determine how to punish me. At four in the morning, Infantino, the Italian president, of FIFA came to defend me.

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“He helped me get out, so that I didn’t risk any controversy – controversy over my message about peace. Then I was released. Qatar ruled that there were no consequences. This isn’t the first time I have spoken with Infantino. I was told by him, “You again, falcon – why?, Qatar is very dangerous?” I replied, “Ah Infantino! It is for something very important. The message I want to convey.”

“I like it (invading a pitch). It’s something I have done 12 times at World Cups in Brazil and South Africa. Always with good intentions to send messages. It was Spain, too, at Real Madrid against Milan 2010 for Sakineh, an Iranian woman who was convicted for adultery.

Ferri’s interview follows a post he made on Instagram explaining why he invaded the pitch. The activist wrote, “I’M BACK. It will be called “THE LAST DANCE” – my last chance to play on a playing surface. I wanted to convey some important messages to you that I have received over the past few months.




“1) A message to Iran, where I have friends who are in pain and where women are not respected… THE WORLD NEEDS TO CHANGE. We can all do it together, with strong gestures that come from the heart, and WITH COURAGE.

“2) FIFA banned rainbow captains bands and human rights flags from the stands. They blocked everyone. But not me, I brought the message from the PEOPLE like Robinhood 2.0. We want a world that laughs and embraces all races and all ideas.

“3) SAVE THE UKRAINE. As a volunteer, I spent one month in Kyiv at the war and witnessed how many people were suffering. We WANT PEACE UKIN UKRAINE, GLORY to UKRAINE. Thank you for all of the love messages that I get from around the globe, including from Iran and Ukraine. If you are helping a good cause, breaking the rules is not a crime.


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