World Cup chiefs ‘call in RAF’ to protect against terror threats

World Cup organisers in Qatar have enlisted the help of the i, while several RAF Typhoon jets have been earmarked to join their Qatari counterparts on air patrols. American SWAT teams are also present in Qatar since the start of the tournament. They will likely be at Al Bayt Stadium on Friday night when England faces the USA.

The World Cup decision-makers also called in French and Turkish riot police and sniffer dog from Turkey. Many security forces met a month prior to the tournament to plan their approach and conduct drills. Germany, Jordan, Kuwait and Pakistan are also believed to be supplying personnel to Qatar.

The security in Qatar is at its best, according to current reports. As the World Cup unfolds over the next few weeks, the world’s attention will be on Qatar. At all the group stage matches, there has been a significant police presence. Fans were required to go through scanners at airports before being searched for their bags.

Although terrorists could attempt to attack Qatar during the World Cup, the UK government has warned travelers. However, the likelihood of an attack on a large scale event is low. When asked by Metro about the possibility of attackers targeting fans, Will Geddes, a security expert, said that Qatar is relatively secure due to its small size and that it is easy to manage.

“The Qataris have not only their own security, but they have also brought in US and UK security personnel and advisors to help. Qatar can spend money on security making it difficult for anyone to plan an attack of any sophistication.


They will be acutely aware that they are in the spotlight of the world, despite having worked for years to become the equivalent of Dubai. They will be unable to improve their image if they do this wrong.

“The authorities will monitor crowds and covertly monitor indicators and behaviour. They will be equipped with a variety of technology they already have or will bring in for the World Cup. This will include surveillance of CCTV cameras and monitoring communication networks. This will undoubtedly be the most closely monitored World Cup event.



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