UK boxing rule that saved Dubois in knockout victory vs Lerena

Daniel Dubois jumped three times on the ground in the first round to stop Kevin Lerena. He also retained his WBA (regular heavyweight) title. There was a lot of confusion among the fans about whether the fight should have been allowed to continue under the WBA rules.

Major sanctioning bodies have a rule that allows fighters to be knocked down three times during a round. This means that the fight will end automatically via TKO.

“It is important to remember that WBA rules dictate that three knockdowns in a single round will automatically terminate the bout with a TKO. Link” href=””>WBA referee manual.

Dubois’s spirited return to the ring was allowed by the British Boxing Board of Control, which does not allow the British Boxing Board of Control to permit such rules in fights. Link” href=””>Oleksandr Usyk and source


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