Joshua’s communication issues come to light during the trainer saga


Anthony Joshua during his second fight against

258 claims that Joshua’s management has not spoken to Jones Jr about a possible change in training and that no formal discussions have taken place. The four-division world champion claims that he spoke to Joshua about possible joining the team and that AJ has offered to meet with him for a few taster sessions to determine if they are compatible.

These remarks come six months after Joshua fired Rob McCracken, his long-time mentor and was replaced by Garcia. This follows a brutal beating that Usyk gave Joshua in their first encounter. Garcia prepared Joshua for the Middle East rematch and, under the 2012 Ring Magazine trainer award winner, he made significant improvements.

However, it seems that Jones Jr. may be trying out other coaches before he locks in his team in time for his return to the ring early in 2023. Jones Jr feels Jones is a better match than Garcia.

“[My plan for beating Usyk] It’s the same idea Garcia had in a certain sense, but Garcia is shorter. He has a different method. It would be difficult for him communicate with Joshua the correct way to do it – Joshua is taller than Usyk.

“It is difficult for a small guy to explain to you something he has never had to. Although I am not tall, I had to deal all of them. I went from junior heavyweight to middleweight. In the history of the sport, nobody has ever done that. My range is slightly different from Garcia’s.

“I understand Garcia’s plan, but people have different backgrounds and different ways of communicating things to others – sometimes they get the message, sometimes they don’t. I don’t believe he was able articulate it to Joshua in the way that Joshua understood.”


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