Fury makes odd ‘masturbation’ tactic confession ahead of Chisora fight

Link” href=””>Tyson Fury says that he has been abstaining from masturbation in the lead-up to his fight against I’m trying out a new method and am going along. I am going with a loaded gun. Someone is in serious trouble, and I’m going to be completely testosterone-depleted. You have seven weeks of testing, get it?

“I am doing many things that I never did before. I eat five to six meals per day and drink eight litres of fluid every day. I will try anything that gives me an advantage. Fury said that he masturbates seven times per day to keep his testosterone pumping.”

I will be quoting lyrics from Danzel’s 2004 hit song Pump It Up. Dontcha know! You have to keep me active and the testosterone flowing for this fight. I don’t want levels to drop.”


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