England drop OneLove World Cup protest as statement released

Link” href=””>England have officially backed down from their decision to wear the OneLove captain’s armband in Qatar over fears that it would earn England and a group of other countries initially refused to change their minds about OneLove. They wrote to World Cup chiefs several months ago to inform them that they had done so.

Many people urged England to accept the punishment handed out to Kane. Others suggested that the armband could not be given to Kane and others to prevent him from being banned automatically later in the tournament. Three hours before kickoff, England released a statement confirming that they had accepted the punishment.

Link” href=”″>Gary Neville tells England genius way they can still wear OneLove armband during World Cup

“We are extremely disappointed by FIFA’s decision, which we believe is unprecedented. We wrote to FIFA in September to inform them of our desire to wear the One Love armband in support of inclusion in football. They did not respond. Our coaches and players are disappointed. They are strong supporters and will continue to support inclusion in other ways.

The joint statement was made by the federations from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Wales. They had also planned on wearing the OneLove armband to Qatar. Southgate and Kane reiterated their determination to continue with the armband campaign at a press conference this Wednesday. However, Virgil van Dijk, a Netherlands defender, suggested that the threat to a yellow card might be an issue.

The Liverpool star said, “I will wear one love armband.” “Nothing has changed from our point. We would need to discuss the possibility of me being given a yellow card for wearing it. I don’t like playing while wearing yellows.

Southgate, England’s boss, has confirmed that England players will kneel before the kick-off against Iran. He said, “We feel that we should.” “We believe it’s a powerful statement that will go around, especially for young people. It’s important to be inclusive.”


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