England could withdraw from FIFA with Denmark over OneLove armband row

Link” href=”″>World Cup. Link” href=””>England could yet be involved as Moller claims that talks are likely to be held with all 55 European FIFA members to see if anyone would be willing to take collective action.

Harry Kane was one of the captains who had planned to wear the rainbow-coloured OneLove wristband in support for LGBTQ+ rights. Qatar hosts homosexuality and reports have surfaced that rainbow shirts or hats were confiscated at stadium entry.

FIFA threatened to issue a yellow card or worse to any captains who wore the OneLove armband in defiance of their counsel. The FA sought out answers about possible consequences well before the back-and-forth took place on the eve England’s first match against Iran.

England, Denmark and Belgium, Germany (and the Netherlands), as well as Switzerland, resigned from the armband campaign in a joint statement. They feared sporting repercussions. However, many fans continue to point fingers at FIFA for their threats to punish those who protested.

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“[Leaving FIFA] has not been decided now. This has been a matter of constant discussion for many years. Since August, we have been discussing this in the Nordic region. It’s something I have thought about again. It is possible that Denmark could face challenges if it leaves. Let’s see if there is a way to have a dialog.

“I must think about how to restore faith in FIFA. First, we need to evaluate the situation and then create a strategy with our Nordic colleagues.

Jamie Carragher was one of many who believed England should have continued to wear the OneLove armband owing to the impact it would have on the world.

Jakob Jensen, chief of Danish FA, has provided new insight into the process that led teams to withdraw earlier this week. He explained that England requested an emergency meeting with FIFA on October 21st. FIFA came to the English hotel. “FIFA assured that it would at most give a yellow ticket.

“There is no legal basis to give a yellow card. There has been some discussion. It could have been a penalty, but the captain was not present on the pitch. He was also banned.


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