Djokovic exposes BBC as Serb fumes at ‘Novax’ nickname after refusing Covid jab

“But I didn’t break the rules. I entered Australia with the necessary and correct documents, as recognized by the magistrate of the first trial.”

Djokovic believes that a “false label” was put on him as he continued to slate the coverage given to him. “I had had Covid and I was cured,” he said of his time before entering Australia in 2021.

“I complied with all the rules and did not endanger anyone. Yet once there I became a political case, one that endangered the world. The system, of which the media are a part, required a target that was opposed to the mainstream; and I have become.

“They put the no-vax label on me, a completely false thing, which still gives me a stomach ache. Then it turned out that the pandemic situation was very different from how it was presented. Now the World Health Organization has written that the virus is no longer so serious, that it is part of all the viruses we have.”


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