Cristiano Ronaldo hurls Erik ten Hag olive branch back in his face

Link” href=””>Cristiano Ronaldo’s poisonous bleating about His mendacious bloodletting must have fueled the respect that his United teammates had for Portugal’s talisman.

He created the circus that followed him to the World Cup.

Lionel Messi, Argentina’s ambassador to Doha is also visiting. Messi tried to sneak in, as if he were wearing carpet slippers. It’s not easy to be him. 500 people showed up at 4am to greet him at the airport. But he prefers to keep the noise for his pitch.

The Messi/Ronaldo rivalry was always played out by their differences in character. But those differences have seldom been as clearly highlighted as these past few days.

Imagine Messi sitting down next to Piers Morgan, flambeeing at his employers because he couldn’t get his way.

Imagine Messi actually sitting down with Piers. Morgan.

He is also confronted with the end of the light, but instead of screaming like Ronaldo, he continues to make the most of the brilliance that he has left.

This will be Messi’s fifth World Cup, just like Ronaldo. It will be his last World Cup, just like Ronaldo.

Although he may be able to chase a few more Champions Leagues with Paris St Germain, he will not be able for it at 35.

The World Cup line’s end is represented by the desert stop.

They have combined to redraw the map of the possibilities over their long careers. Together they have scored an amazing 207 international goals – but time always wins flesh and blood.

They cast a spell that means their talents are still needed, even as they descend the hill.

Messi won a Copa America Ronaldo Euros but neither of them has ever won the World Cup.

Ronaldo will believe this instinctively with his unshakeable self-belief.

Messi will only try to help the unbeaten Argentina team of July 2019 reach their full potential.

It is one person’s opinion; it is the team’s.

I can name the person I’d rather see win.


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