Brazil legend Pele ‘hospitalised with decompensated heart failure’

Brazil’s football icon Pele is currently in hospital. He is said to be suffering from swelling and heart failure. According to reports, the 82-year old was admitted to hospital Tuesday night. He is currently undergoing treatment by specialists.

Kely Nascimento, Pele’s daughter, has taken to Instagram to update her father’s status.

“There are a lot of alarming stories in the media about my dad’s condition. Nascimento stated that he is currently in the hospital to regulate medication. “There are no new dire predictions or emergency. I promise to take some photos and be there for New Years.

In September 2021, a tumor was removed from the colon of the legendary striker. Since then, he has been back and forth to hospital for further treatment.

Marcia Aoki, Pele’s wife, is believed to have raised alarm after she saw swelling all over her husband’s body.

Link” href=””>ESPN Brazil, doctors caring for Pepe have confirmed the condition of anasarca (generalized swelling), an edemigemic syndrome (generalized edema) and even decompensated heart failure.

According to the report, the medical team has also stated that Pele’s organs have not responded positively to the recent chemotherapy.

Pele was admitted to hospital for treatment of cancer at the beginning of January. He was discharged two days later.

According to reports, Pele will undergo additional testing Wednesday to determine the cause of his latest health crisis.

Pele arrived at the hospital in a state known as mental disorientation.

Pele also struggles to eat according to the report.

While awaiting the results of his tests, his wife and caregiver are believed to still be at the hospital.

Pele’s discharge date from the hospital is unknown at this time.


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