What is mascara cocktailing? Meet TikTok’s new favourite way to get long lashes

What if the ultimate mascara for long, thick, lush lashes was actually … two mascaras? (Or more!) That’s the theory behind mascara cocktailing, the latest beauty trend taking over TikTok.

The method is exactly what it sounds like: mixing a few different mascaras together like a cocktail (or a mocktail, of course) to create a custom lash look. Layering two mascaras isn’t a new technique, per se; makeup artists and beauty fans have been DIYing their perfect makeup recipes for years, pairing a volumising formula with a lengthening formula or adding a few coats of a thickening formula for a super full false lash vibe.

The key is to layer two mascaras with different results together to achieve the look you want, like long and curled or thick and voluminous. TikTok users brought the method to the masses with videos showcasing the almost magical effects of mascara cocktailing and their top mascara picks to get the look.

TikToker katiehub.org had makeup fans buzzing with her combo of two Essence mascaras for length and volume, the fan favourite Lash Princess Curl Mascara and the volumising Double Trouble Mascara, which features a double-ended wand for extreme definition and length. Her final result? Long, fluffed-out lashes that were nearly twice the size of her bare lashes! Even actor and Honest Beauty founder Jessica Alba has gotten in on the cocktailing trend, sharing several videos of her favourite mascaras to layer together.

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Want to try your hand (or your lashes?) at mascara cocktailing? It’s a super easy trend to DIY at home if you have a few mascaras in your makeup bag, especially if you don’t love one on its own; when combined with another formula, it may just make mascara magic! TikTokers particularly love the Essence formulas and CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher Mascara. TikTok user akaskinbasics is a big fan of the CoverGirl, and makeup.com’s katlynevap loves Lancôme. TikToker petrahenrietteruf uses several formulas to fake the look of lash extensions.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

Dior Diorshow Pump ‘N’ Volume

You may have to mix and match a few different formulas to find the one that work best for you and your lashes, but when you see your reflection in the mirror, you’ll know when you’ve landed on the most delicious mascara cocktail.

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational

Here are more of GLAMOUR’s favourite mascaras to get you going in your mascara cocktailing journey:

31 best mascaras for ultimate length, volume, curl and definition

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