Netflix Sets Premiere Date For Nicolas Winding Refn’s ‘Copenhagen Cowboy’; Drops Official Trailer

After a quick look at Nicolas Winding Refn’s six-episode series Copenhagen CowboyNetflix has released the first official trailer. (check it out below). The global launch date has been set for January 5, 2023 by the streamer.

The noir series is about Miu (Angela Bundalovic), a young, mysterious heroine. She is on the cusp of a new beginning after a lifetime in servitude, and she travels through the darkened streets of Copenhagen’s criminal underworld. She embarks on a journey through the supernatural and natural in search of justice. As the past transforms and shapes their future, the two women realize they are not the only ones.

Starring are Zlatko Boric, Andreas Lykke Jorgensen and Jason Hendil–Forssell. Dragana Milutinovic is also in the film.

Original premiere of the series was at Venice Film Festival. Winding Refn was the director behind the pusher trilogy and the Neon Demon. He said that the series was a return to his past to mold his future. The series is an extension of my continually evolving alter-egos.

Winding Refn directed and created the production, which is his 15-year-old first production in Denmark. Mona Masri, Johanne Algren, and Sara Isabella Jonsson are the writers. Magnus Nordenhof Jonck, an award-winning cinematographer who shot Tobias Lindholm’s Oscar-nominated A war, is Magnus Nordenhof Jonck.

Copenhagen Cowboy was produced by Lene Bostofte Erritzoe, Christina Bostofte Erritzoe, and exec produced Liv Corfixen & Matthew Newman.


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