Kandi Burruss Says ‘Kandi & The Gang’ Is “Not Returning” To Bravo After One Season: “I Am Super Upset”

Kandi burruss was a star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta 13 seasons. She has also been a regular on Bravo and has had numerous spinoffs. The latest episode was Kandi & the Gang. It followed the Grammy-award winning host as she ran her Old Lady Gang restaurant named after her mother and aunts.

Viewers who were hoping for another season of the reality show might be disappointed. Burruss revealed recently that Bravo decided not to continue with another season.

Burruss replied, “Definitely, it’s not returning,” to a fan when she was asked if her spinoff would be coming back during an Amazon Live broadcast. “Bravo isn’t bringing it back. It is so sad, and it makes me very upset.

Bravo has been contacted by Deadline for comment. We will keep you updated when we hear back.

Burruss won’t be able to have Kandi & the Gang anymore, but she filmed a show already with her Xscape members, and she will return for Season 15 RHOA. This is currently filming in Atlanta.

Burruss also revealed that she felt she was “battling with everyone” during the broadcast. This tease is for the drama on the new Bravo reality series.

She revealed that she has been involved in many arguments since summer when we were filming Xscape and are now filming Housewives. “I feel like everyone has argued with me. I felt like I almost had crazy fights with people.

Burruss said, “There has been some crazy happening. RHOA I feel like everyone is coming for me lately, and this time, I’m not going to take it lying down. Yes, it has been difficult to read people all the time.


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