Jonnie Irwin: ‘A Place In The Sun’ Presenter Reveals Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

British television presenter JonnieIrwin has announced that he is now a terminally ill.

He revealed that he has lung cancer and has lost all control of his brain. After his vision became blurred while filming in 2020, he first noticed that he had an issue.

He said, “I was given six months to live within a week of flying home from filming.” “I had to return home to tell my wife who was caring for our children that she was completely independent. It was devastating. All I could do was apologize to her. I felt so responsible.”

He stated that he hoped that by sharing his diagnosis, he would inspire others to make the most out of their lives.

Irwin, 48 years old, intends to keep working and be positive about his outlook on cancer.

Since 2004, the presenter has been working on Channel 4’s long-running property format a Place in the Sun. He has also fronted episodes Escape to the Country.


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