Banijay’s Scenery Signs Exclusive Deal With Tomas Kaan, Director Of Netflix Series ‘Human Playground’ And ‘Dirty Lines’

EXCLUSIVE: Scenery, a Banijay Benelux joint-venture producer, has entered into an exclusive partnership agreement with Tomas Kaan, the director of Netflix’s doc series Human Playground.

As Creative Producer, he joins Banijay Benelux, which he runs in a joint venture with producers Lea Fels, and Isidoor Isidoor. He will help other talents to fulfill their doc plans and develop international stories.

Kaan directed the Idris-Elba-narrated Human Playground. This six-part docseries Scenery was co-produced by Banijay UK’s Workerbee and covers the origins and evolution of some of the most unusual sports in the world for Netflix international and Youku China. He was also the director of Netflix’s sex drama Dirty Lines which was nominated to a Golden Calf.

The Tanzanian-born director is currently working with Luuk Bouwman to create The Eighth Continent, a doc series on moon missions.

Tomas Kaan

Scenery Partner, Fels said that Tomas is a genre-transcending storyteller. His urgent and current stories have an international audience. Scenery is honored to have Tomas join our team. His work style and high-quality standards match what we aim for.

Deadline was told by her that he would be working on some ideas and will show them off internationally. He would also be acting as showrunner, and create his own projects.

Kaan said, “Our international adventure has only grown bigger and more exciting since the launch of Human Playground.” My ambitions as a director have always been unstoppable, both literally and metaphorically. Scenery makes it possible for me to work remotely from anywhere in the world. It’s a pleasure to work with the most talented filmmakers and guide them creatively in order to tell the stories of our times at the highest level.

Scenery, a Dutch-based company, has produced programs for Netflix, Prime Video and NPO, as well as Dutch-based streaming site Videoland.

Deadline has learned that it has several projects with streamers and is currently developing local versions well-known Banijay format formats. It also has additional projects with Idris Elba’s Fight School, and The Bridgeproducer Workerbee. Rick Murray runs them.

Roebers said, “We love Rick.” “He was almost like my mentor Human Playground.”


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