Suspect Captured on Camera in South Beach Spring Break Killing, Arrested (Video) – Baller Alert

A disturbing incident occurred on Sunday in Miami Beach, where a man was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after being caught on surveillance video firing into a crowd of spring breakers and repeatedly shooting a victim who was already on the ground.

The suspect, Dontavious Leonard Polk, 24, of Fort Lauderdale, was walking with three other men when he approached the victim, took out a firearm, and fired multiple rounds, causing him to fall to the ground.  Despite being pursued by Miami Beach police officers, Polk managed to flee the scene, but he was eventually apprehended and taken into custody.

Sadly, the victim eventually succumbed to his injuries, while another person sustained injuries but is expected to recover.  This was the second fatal shooting of the weekend in the area, which has led to a state of emergency being declared and a curfew being imposed by Miami Beach officials to ensure public safety.  The authorities have recovered Polk’s firearm and bullet casings from the crime scene and are continuing their investigation into this senseless act of violence.


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