Kumail Nanjiani looks stylish as he promotes Welcome to Chippendales

  • Kumail Nanjiani sported a chic figure as he left The View in New York City Wednesday while promoting a new series, Welcome To Chippendales.

    44-year-old Harold and Kumar star wore bright yellow button-up shirt with white circular patterns under a green leather jacket with brown pants and leather shoes.

    Welcome to Chippendales is his new limited series. It’s a wild crime story based on the true story of the man-tastic, sexual-god, and abs party that became a worldwide phenomenon.



    The View guest: Kumail Nanjiani (44), was seen leaving The View in New York City Wednesday, where he discussed his new film, Welcome to Chippendales. He also shared the heartwarming moment when he met Robin Williams.

    Kumail described his character by saying, “So, the guy who invented Chippendales… He was an Indian immigrant. I didn’t know much about the story. A lot of wild things happened behind the scenes.”

    He said, “People were murdered over Chippendales.” He set fire to other male strip clubs as he believed they were stealing his ideas.

    Nanjianai had no choice but to step out of his comfort zone in order to play the role a suspicious character who gets mad.

    Kumail, who comes from a comedy background, explained that Robin Williams, his stand-up comedian, inspired him. However, Williams later became famous for portraying darker, more serious characters.

    Kumail stated that H is a “bad guy”, you know. He’s a dark character. When I think back to the people who inspired me to do comedy, Robin Williams is someone I often think about.

    “He’s great. When I think about people who started out as stand-ups and ended up playing dark, dramatic roles it’s hard to match the level of his accomplishments in all these different areas.



    Dapper: Nanjiani wore bright yellow buttons with white circular designs underneath a green leather jacket and green pants. He also wore brown leather shoes.

    “And I was like, “If my heroes were doing this, then I must at least try to follow their footsteps.” I have been a huge fan of his all my life.

    “Actually, my wife, and I used do a small comedy show in LA at the back of a comic book store. It was a very small show. Robin Williams was there, one day while I was hosting.

    “And I was like “Hi, Kumail.” And then he was like “Hey, Robin.”

    ‘And I’m like, “Yeah! Yes, I do! We all know!”

    “And he was cool. You know, wearing a coat, hat and I was like “Do you wanna get up on stage?” He said “Oh, No, no, I can’t.”

    ‘And I was like “Are you sure?” And before I finish, he was like “I’ll just go 2 minutes.” It was incredible, he did it so well, it was unbelievable!

    Whoopi Goldberg said that Robin Williams was performing comedy in San Diego’s early years at small clubs.



    Nanjianai comes from a comedy background. He had to step outside of his comfort zone in order to play the role a villain who gets mad



    Icon: Talking about a legend: Whoopi Goldberg shared a touching story about Robin Williams, which she said was when Williams was performing comedy at a small club in San Diego. (Williams, pictured 2011,)

    Kumail said, “He came off the stage and he was like: “Thank you, that’s what I really needed.” It meant so much that I could give that to one of my heroes.

    He discussed his new series and then spoke about the forthcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

    Rising star who was born in Pakistan said that Thanksgiving isn’t a common holiday where he is from.

    “I didn’t know much about Thanksgiving. Now, I know that my parents are obsessed with it. They are. They say, “Thanksgiving is approaching, we must put so much masala onto the turkey because it doesn’t taste right.”

    “I’m like, “You don’t have to eat Turkey!”



    A American tradition: This rising star, who was born in Pakistan, stated that Thanksgiving is not a ‘thing’ where he comes from.

    They’re like “It’s Turkey,” I’m like “You just got here, it doesn’t have to be turkey!”

    He said that he is from a wonderful family and that his mother is the most talented cook he has ever known.

    He laughed and said, “I don’t want my opinion to be controversial or get canceled, but I don’t like turkey.”

    After making everyone laugh, he said, “If we liked it, it would be more than once per year.”

    Hulu now streams Welcome to Chippendale



    Kumail was not a fan. He said that his family is great and that his mother is the greatest cook he has ever known. He joked that he didn’t like turkey but did not want to be controversial or get canceled.

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