“Gaslighting” Crowned Word of the Year By Merriam-Webster – Baller Alert

Merriam Webster was named the most-respected trigger word on social media. 

The dictionary company gave the term 2022 Words of Year. It is commonly used to describe emotional abusive situations, such as Black women raising concerns during pregnancy.

The term was first used in a 1938 movie called Gaslight, where an individual tried to convince his wife that she is crazy. Twitter has made it very popular.

“Gaslighting” was the top-ranked search term this year. It saw searches rise by 1,740 percent. “Codify”, ‘endemic,” ‘Omicron,” or Queen Consort were all in the running for the top spot. Merriam-Webster bases its annual word selection solely on data. “Gaslighting spent 2022 searching for the top 50 words on Dictionary’s website.

The word “vaccine” was the Word of the Year last year. This is no surprise considering the rise in COVID-19 vaccinations. Many employers required their employees to get the shots to be able to return to work.


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