Canada imposes new Iran sanctions over drones for Russia, human rights


Canada has placed new sanctions against Iran. These sanctions target individuals and companies that are accused of human rights violations, as well as companies that it accuses of providing drones to Russia for use in Ukraine. The statement was made by the foreign ministry on Wednesday.

This is the fifth set of sanctions Canada has imposed on Iran in this year’s. The foreign ministry stated that it targets six individuals as well as two entities, Shahed Aviation Industries (Qods Aviation Industries) and Qods Aviation Industries (Qods Aviation Industries).

According to the ministry, Shahed Aviation manufactures drones used by Russian forces against Ukrainian civilians and infrastructure. Qods Aviation develops drones for Iran’s military movements like Hezbollah.

“Canada will not hesitate use all diplomatic instruments at its disposal to reply to the Iranian regime’s aggressions,” Melanie Joly, Canadian Foreign Minister, stated in a statement.

On Tuesday, the United States imposed sanctions against Shahed Aviation and other companies it claimed were involved in Iran drone production or transfer. These drones have been used in Ukraine by Russia.

Tehran admitted for the first time in this month that it had provided Moscow with drones, but claimed they were sent prior to the conflict in Ukraine.

The foreign ministry stated that sanctions were also imposed on Wednesday against Canadian officials who are accused of aiding in the suppression and facilitating the riots in Iran.

Canada has placed a number of sanctions on Iran for alleged human rights violations. This includes the death of Mahsa, an Iranian Kurdish woman aged 22, while she was being held by the morality police of Iran.

Iran claimed that Amini died from pre-existing conditions and has accused Western countries of trying to use protests about her case to undermine the clerical regime in place since 1979 Islamic Revolution.

(Reporting from Chris Gallagher in Washington; editing and writing by Philippa Fletcher).



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