Bruce Springsteen speaks out on backlash over sky-high ticket prices amid the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster fiasco What’s Hot?

Bruce Springsteen discussed the backlash he received form fans due to the high ticket prices for the 2023 tour with E Street Band and Taylor Swift Ticketmaster.

After using Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing system, which allows ticket prices to change based on demand, the 73-year old artist was criticized. This caused outrage when some tickets went on sale in July at $5,000.

Springsteen spoke with Rolling Stone about his decision to use the model as a first in his career. He argued that tickets for his show are usually priced below market value.

“What I do is very simple. “Go out and find out what everyone else is doing,” I tell my men. He said, “Let’s charge a bit less.”


Bruce Springsteen discussed the backlash that he received from his fans over the high ticket prices for 2023 Springsteen and The E Street Band tour. (Getty Images / Getty Images)

“They set it up. We’ve been around for 49 years, or whatever time we’ve been playing. That has been a great experience. It was great for the fans.

“This time, they asked me, “Hey, we are 73 years old. They are there. They want me to do the same as my peers. Springsteen laughed.

He said that it was becoming “very confusing” for both artists and fans to buy tickets and that tickets for his shows are “totally accessible.”

The “I’m on Fire” singer stated that they are in the “affordable range”. We have tickets that will go for that [higher] cost somewhere else.

“The ticket broker, or someone, is going to take that money. I thought, “Why shouldn’t this money go to those guys that will be up there sweating three hour a night for it?” It opened the door for that possibility. We decided to go for it. It was not popular with all of my fans.

He joked that if there are any complaints along the way, you can get your money back.


After using Ticketmaster’s dynamic pricing system, which allows ticket prices to change based on demand, the 73-year old musician was criticized. (Kevin Winter/Getty Images / Getty Images)

Springsteen responded to a question about his feelings regarding the backlash from fans by saying, “Well, it’s old. I can take many things with ease. You don’t like being criticized. It’s not your thing to be the poster child for high-ticket prices. It’s not something you want to do. It was the only way it worked.

“You must take responsibility for the decisions that you make and then go out and do your best. That was my view. If people come to the show they will have a great time.

Springsteen also stated to the outlet that he would not rule out using dynamic pricing again for future tours.

He said, “That’ll become a whole different discussion when that happens.” “I don’t want to speak now, but we’ll see what happens.”


Springsteen’s remarks come after Ticketmaster’s Taylor Swift ticket debacle. (Getty Images / Getty Images)

Springsteen spoke after Tuesday’s disaster when tickets for Taylor Swift’s Eras tour were made available through Ticketmaster.

Many Swift ticket-seekers waited for hours in the Ticketmaster queue, hoping to be able to purchase Swift tickets at the East Coast presale Tuesday. To meet the demand, the ticket-selling website halted Central Standard Time queues and delayed West Coast times. The Capital One presale was moved to Wednesday.

Ticketmaster cancelled Friday’s public on-sale after selling 2,000,000 tickets. This was due to “high demand” as well as “insufficient remaining ticket stock.”

The ticket prices went up on resale websites after the cancellation. As of Friday, nosebleed tickets at many venues had risen to over $1,000. Tickets for Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri at the top, cost over $2,000.


Swift spoke out for the first-time Friday about the controversy, saying that she is “extremely protective of her fans”. (Gareth Cattermole/TAS18/Getty Images for TAS / Getty Images)

Many fans were furious at the move. Swift spoke out after initially remaining silent.

“It goes without stating that I’m extremely protective my fans,” the singer wrote in an Instagram message.

“We have been doing this for decades and over the years, we’ve brought so much of our career in-house. This was done SPECIFICALLY to enhance the fan experience. I did it with my team, who are as passionate about my fans as me. This is a difficult task for me. It’s also hard for me not to trust outside entities with such loyalties and relationships.

There are many reasons people have difficulty getting tickets. I am trying to find ways to improve this situation. We asked multiple times to see if they were able to handle such a high demand. They assured us that they could. It is amazing that tickets were sold to 2.4 million people. However, it makes me mad that some of them felt like they had been subjected to bear attacks in order to obtain them.

“And to all those who couldn’t get tickets, I can only say that my hope for us all is to have more opportunities to sing these songs together. We are grateful for your interest in being there. That is a huge honor.


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