Barclays issues warning after man targeted in cruel online scam

Scams are common and criminals will try to manipulate people’s emotions in order to get them to part with their hard-earned money. Mark* was one such victim. He didn’t realize he was being swindled into a scam until too late. The sad result was that he was forced to pay a heavy price.

Mark created a profile on a dating site in hopes of finding love. But scammers were looking for his next victim.

Mark was using the app when he was contacted immediately by a man.

The couple soon moved from dating websites to communicating by phone. But this was just the beginning of a nightmare.

Link” href=””>, Mark said: “He was overly affectionate.

Link” data-name=”Britons urged to look at key document for saving for retirement” href=”″>Britons urged to look at key document for saving for retirement

“He said to me that I had to transfer money to vouchers, and he would collect them.”

Mark was told by the scammer that a small investment in PS50 would create a potential huge return. With the possibility of making money, it seemed easy.

After Mark had sent PS50 worth of vouchers, the man informed Mark that there was an error in the transaction and that he needed to send another PS50.

After the transaction, Mark was suspicious when the man kept asking for more vouchers.

When he refused to send any more vouchers, he realized he was being scammed and the man became “not as pleasant”.

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Mark said, “I felt really ashamed. I had set out to make money and ended up losing PS100 within a matter of seconds.

“My warning to you is not to trust what people behind the screen say, especially if they aren’t your friends away from the screen!”

Unfortunately, Mark was a victim of a romance scam. This can be used to target people looking for love.

Romance scams are when someone expresses an interest in a relationship and intends to manipulate another person into paying them money.

Barclays estimates that this scam will cost victims an average of PS4,090 and is easy to get sucked in.


The bank stressed that it was vital for Britons not to fall for scams when they are online dating.

According to the bank, those between 51 and 60 are most vulnerable. This group accounts for more than a third of all money lost due to romance scams.

Ross Martin, Barclays’ head of digital security, stated: “Dating apps are a great way for people to meet, but it is important to remember that not all people you talk to will have the best intentions.

“Scammers use social media and dating apps to trick you into paying them.

You should not feel pressured to do this. Talk to someone you trust if something seems suspicious or not right.

*name has had its identity changed to protect the identities and privacy of those involved.


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