Renault, Nissan clear calendar for potential deal, report says

French dominance in the alliance has been a source of contention for Nissan executives. Nissan holds only 15% of Renault, and does not have voting rights.

Although no agreement has been reached between Renault and Nissan, they have drawn up plans for two windows to announce their plans in the coming weeks. According to three anonymous sources, one would be Dec 7, London.

They said that this would occur two days after the previously scheduled Paris meeting of the CEOs from Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi.

The sources indicated that if negotiations take longer, the companies may decide to meet one week later. They will then be available for an announcement in London the week after, they said.

Senard declined comment to discuss the timing of any agreement. Nissan denied any speculation. Mitsubishi Motors declined comment.

People involved in the talks say that Nissan is concerned about intellectual property sharing.

Renault and China’s automaker Geely announced earlier this month that they had reached an informal agreement to create a joint venture to supply gasoline engines and hybrid technology to their respective brands.

This deal is the second half Renault’s restructuring of its business. It seeks to separate its gasoline-engine unit, code-named Horsese, from its electric-drive unit. At a time when regulators and investors are pushing for clean-energy vehicles, this deal represents the second part of Renault’s overhaul. The European Union has effectively banned the sale and use of combustion engines starting in 2035.

Two people familiar with the talks said that Nissan and Renault were in daily negotiations, aiming to resolve a complex range issues, including regulatory reviews, by December middle if possible.

People familiar with the situation said that Mitsubishi would not decide whether to invest separately in Ampere until Nissan has concluded its talks with Renault.

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