Ford CPO sales gains buck the trend

Godfrey joined Blue Advantage immediately after it was announced. He attributes the sales increase to Ford’s 14 day money-back guarantee which the automaker introduced early in the year.

He said that CPO is an important part of buying a used vehicle. However, for some consumers there is still a fear of buying a used vehicle. It gives people some comfort knowing that if they get home and find something they don’t like, they can return it. It could seal the deal if they are looking at more than one location.

Blue Advantage was launched by Ford in 2020 to give its dealers a bigger share of the used-vehicle market and to reduce defections from third-party websites.

Autotrader powers the program and gathers certified used-vehicle inventory at dealers all over the country. Customers can search for vehicle types, colors, and mileage.

You can find guaranteed pricing on the site as well as Kelley Blue Book’s Price Advisor. Non-Ford vehicles are included in the listed inventory. The warranty covers both gold and blue certifications.

According to Andrew Ashman (Ford’s U.S. used vehicle manager), the automaker previously had a CPO program. However, Blue Advantage’s features provide dealers and customers with greater peace of mind about the sales process.

He said, “Rebranding it really made a difference.” “The dealers feel that the company is behind the program.”

Rich Ford’s president in Albuquerque is Darin Wade. He says that his store sells over 100 CPO vehicles per monthly and that the sales have increased by roughly 20% this year, compared to 2021.

He stated that Ford’s decision not to include non-Ford cars was a good one and that his shop has been getting certifications for every vehicle that qualifies, because of the high demand.

He said that dealers who certify these products are competitive because they will show up in search results when others don’t. I believe that this helps to generate more leads.

Ashman stated that he hopes to increase the number of dealers who participate in the program to at minimum 2,000 by persuading more retailers from all markets to sign up.

He said, “The dealers who are involved in it love them.” There’s still plenty of upside potential with this program. It’s up to us to convince more dealers that this is the right thing.

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